Father Figure – Photo Book About Black Dads

“Black males are rarely depicted as wholesome human beings capable of love, affection, or vulnerability, which consequently influences the images we associate with black fatherhood,” said Lee.Zun-Lee-41695126-0d4a-49b2-a2df-6253542a6eff

I’ve talked about this guy’s work before because I love it. He takes photographs of Black men out and about with their kids …. doing things that dads do …  simple. He has a new book coming out called Father Figure. According to The Hundreds, it’s “a collection of black-and-white photos and stories addressing stereotypes surrounding black fathers in America, namely by mainstream media”.

In my quest to find books that my family can see itself in I’ve browsed many a book on fatherhood. Most books have white men in them. A few have token people of color with Latinos, Asians and Black men sprinkled throughout. Most of the books are directed towards middle class and upper middle class stereotypical dress, haircuts and situations. Though we are middle class, we don’t fit that mold.

We are hip hop loving, non-religious, world travelers that can be found in suits (for work) basketball shorts (when we chill). We have crazy haircuts (He is growing out his fauxhawk and now has a nappy, lopsided afro) and wear t-shirts emblazoned with political slogans. Zun Lee’s book is for my family.

It’s filled with images and stories that directly relate to my life. The men are often dark skinned and tall. They rock baggy jeans and timbs. They have locs and facial hair. You can see the love they have for their children in the way that they hold little hands and embrace little bodies.


The book comes out September 19th, but you can order your copy HERE now.



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