Baby Land Cloth Diapers Review

These are NOT your parents' cloth diapers.

These are NOT your parents’ cloth diapers.


I have been playing with the idea of using cloth diapers since the baby came home. I tipped my toe into the foray by purchasing 13 Imagination pre-folds new from a parent on Craigslist and then realized that though they worked well we needed some diaper covers! Lol

While thrifting I kept my eye out and was lucky enough to find 8 Baby Land cloth pocket diaper covers with snaps that looked brand new for $3 each. I only bought 6 because …..  I’m crazy! Lol I should have purchased all 8.

I love the way that these diaper covers fit and I like the multiple snap options. The inside rarely feels damp even when the insert is totally wet. The only thing I don’t like is the color. I prefer more vibrant colors, but if that’s all that I have to complain about …. that’s a good thing.

IMG_20140914_195755When I got home, I looked up Baby Land diapers on the internet and found mixed reviews. So far, they are working great for me. I’ve switched to using them all day long with no worries. We put them on overnight and everything!

What has your experience been with cloth diapers?

Shout out to Black Women Do Cloth Diaper for supporting new parents that are learning the ropes of cloth diapering.



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