Fostering Across State Lines


I just got booked for a week in Chicago. I’m really looking forward to going to the Windy City and I’d love to take the baby along. Um …. can I do that?

This would be our first trip across state lines so I emailed our adoption worker and his social worker to see #1 if I can take him out of state and #2 if I can, what do I need to do/have to make it all legal?

We plan on flying. Will anyone ask to see his foster care placement paperwork? Is that what I’d need to prove that we’re not kidnappers?

Any advice would be helpful.



3 thoughts on “Fostering Across State Lines

  1. I always carry with me papers from both our agency and the county our child was placed from that says we’re his guardians. Haven’t flown with him, but I don’t see why it’d be an issue — it’d be pretty rude/odd for airline staff to ask you to prove he’s “yours”. But yes, you may need permission from a judge to travel out of state with him.

    • I guess I’m feeling like everyone will know because he doesn’t look like us. His social worker said that she’d write “exparte for permission” but I’m more concerned with the airline people. Eek!

      • Our kiddo looks nothing like us, but rarely do receive a raised eyebrow or worse. That said, we felt we needed the paperwork and did use it to enroll him in school (he’s not a baby).

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