First Trip to the Baby Center in Disneyland

IMG_20140918_133230We heard that Disneyland had a baby center where parents could take children to freshen up so we decided to try it out.

The first challenge was to find the baby center. We took a look at the map near Main Street, but couldn’t find it. We ended up asking the people at the information booth …. but they weren’t sure if it was #1 in the same place and #2 it was open during construction.

It turns out that the baby center is at the very end of Main Street on the right-hand side if you are walking from the main entrance to Tomorrow Land.

It’s a wierd/cool place to hang out with your baby for a minute. When you IMG_20140918_134319enter through the two narrow doors, there is a small sitting room. A woman dressed in Victorian era maid-type outfit was waiting in a little play area. With a big smile, she asked us what we needed help with. We informed her that we just needed a diaper change so she gave us a quick tour (nursing rooms, play area, changing stations, water closets with half doors for kids, a large toilet with no seat that we assumed was for elimination communication).

It was a very cute little area with air conditioning (whoo hoo!) that allowed us to do our business in private. The decor is a little weird to me what with the Victorian era colors (pale peach) and the almost faded looking wall paper, but it’s Disneyland and I’m sure that they IMG_20140918_133451could afford to change it if they wanted to so I’m guessing that they like it like that.

Anyhoo … it’s a cute little spot in the middle of the park that gives families a place to take care of any baby business that might come up and provides a cool place to just sit for a minute.


Have you used the baby center at Disneyland?

What was your favorite thing about it.



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