Black and Latino Children Less Likey to Recieve Pain Meds, Study Says

This article is a bit old, 2012 from the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) , but I’ve just come across it. Things like this are why so many people of color in the US are distrustful of the medical system. The study says:

” … black and Hispanic children were more likely to experience an ER stay longer than six hours compared to white children — even when the same tests were ordered ..”

“Black children were 39 percent less likely to receive pain medications compared to white children with similar medical situations. When their pain was severe, rated 7 or higher on a pain scale from 0 to 10, an even larger disparity was observed.”

” .. doctors were almost twice as likely to underestimate the pain of black patients compared to other ethnicities in a 2007 study from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine.”

This reminds me of when my sister was having her last baby. She called me crying telling me that the doctor wouldn’t order pain meds for her. I was out of state, but I called the hospital trying to reach anyone that could help. Don’t believe me? Think I’m exaggerating?

NPR: White people don’t think that Black people feel pain in the same way.

Huffington Post: Studies reveal that whites don’t respond to people of color when in pain the same way as they do to other whites.




2 thoughts on “Black and Latino Children Less Likey to Recieve Pain Meds, Study Says

  1. My son has a brother who is 18 months older than he is. “Iggy” is parented by his mother, my son’s birthmother. “Sara” is “mixed with black” (her words) and was 15 when she had Iggy. Iggy’s father is black. When Iggy was 3, he had a seizure. Sara brought him to the ER on a Friday evening, only to be told that they didn’t “do MRIs on the weekends. Bring him back on Monday.” On Sunday, Iggy had an 8-minute long seizure, causing severe brain damage, including damage in his optical nerves. He is legally blind. He is 10-years old, but functions at a toddler’s level. He has been diagnosed with epilepsy and autism. This was a kid who was totally on track developmentally. Because some b-word administrator wouldn’t see him in the ER, his life is so completely different from what it could have been.

    So yeah, I can see why people of color wouldn’t trust the medical system.

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