WIC is a Pain

Trying to use the WIC checks has been trying now that the baby is eating food.

When it was just formula, we’d go to the WIC store right next to the WIC office. The person behind the counter would take the checks, fill our bags with formula and we’d walk out smiling. Not this time.

I’ve been buying the baby jar food with meat (as the pediatrician told us to) from Target. It’s a dollar for two plastic cups of whatever we choose so I swing by the store and pick up six or seven at a time. Our WIC checks expire soon, so we thought we’d try to use them.

*blank stare*

We went to the WIC store that’s next to the WIC office, as usual, but they only had fruits and veggies. We went to Target but the checker couldn’t figure out how to use the WIC checks. He called a manager  … and we had to wait. The manager finally comes over and shows him how to do it. He starts ringing up the items. Our WIC check said 16 jar foods, 2 things of cereal (ugh!) and 4 bananas (random, right? Lol). The bananas go through, the cereal goes through but once he starts ringing up the food …  the register says, “unWICable” and doesn’t let it go through. By this time I’m so frustrated that I just tell him to ring up everything and I’ll pay for it. It was only about $20 worth of items anyway.

This is the kind of thing I was worried about.




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