Babywearing to the Rescue!

Can you see the little feet pocking out? Lol

Can you see the little feet poking out? Lol

I’m not sure what is going on with the baby today, but he does not want to be in his crib. He doesn’t want to lie down. He doesn’t want a bottle. He doesn’t want food. He seems to want to be held …. but I have things to do.

Babywearing to the rescue!

We’ve used everything from a no-sew homemade rebozo wrap to structured carriers that are like backpacks to mei-tei type wraps. He just found an Infantino EcoSash at the swap meet for $5 so we decided to try it out. It said that we could wear the baby front-facing, chest-facing or on our backs. Today is the day I decided to try out wearing him on my back.

It was a success.

I was able to wash some bottles and get some things packed. I can’t remember exactly where I came across the idea that Americans could babywear, but a big “thank you” goes to whomever!

Do you babywear? What’s your favorite carrier?



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