Foster-Adopt Documents for Flight

Information_Overload_Stress-WordleWe all set to go, but I’m not sure how much paperwork I’ll need to take with me to get the Boarding Verification Document (BVD). I have a blank Minute Order and his original birth certificate and I thought I was okay until His mom mentioned that I should bring something saying that it’s okay that we have possession of him.

*blank stare*

He’s been with us so long that for a minute I kind of forgot that he wasn’t ours. His birth certificate has his mother’s name on it. It doesn’t match any documents that I have. His Minute Order is blank and I was told to write in his legal name and birth date ….  his legal name doesn’t match either. It sounds stupid, but I would have been at the counter confused as to why they wouldn’t let us board. Thank goodness for people getting in your business! Lol

Now the problem is that I’m not sure when enough is enough. I made a copy of the Foster Family Agreement (it has his legal name and our names on it) and our foster care license. Is that enough? Should I bring anything else?

I’m a bit worried that I’ll be standing at the counter with our baggage and I’ll be unable to board. We’re leaving at 6:30am so his social worker won’t be taking calls at that hour. Have you flown before with kids in foster care? What documents did you bring along?



4 thoughts on “Foster-Adopt Documents for Flight

  1. I just brought my foster care documents and my medical authorization. Not a single person asked anything about her even though her name wasn’t the same as ours

  2. We brought her whole adoption folder. Not one single person asked for proof she was ours. Though we were asked for her photo ID from the ticket agent. After giving him a blank “you are stupid look” his supervisor stepped in and said no photo ID is required for minors.

    • It was easy peasy! The only thing we had to show was the birth certificate. I’m kind of surprised that the agent couldn’t tell that the 15 pound baby that I was WEARING on my chest wasn’t two years old. *blank stare*

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