Why I Wish I Had a Photo of My Son’s Mother

My son doesn’t look like me or his dad.

I have no idea whose eyes he has or whose nose. Where he gets his cute little smile from is anyone’s guess. Right now, it doesn’t matter because he’s a baby and most babies only care about who is wiping their tush and where their next bottle is coming from. It doesn’t matter. Not right now.

In the future it may matter a lot. As he gets older these things will start to matter and I have no answers for him. I have never met his first parents and probably never will. His mother hasn’t shown up to the hearings and won’t even return calls from the baby’s social worker. The person that was given as his father says that the baby isn’t his.

I’d like to think that if we at least had photos it might give him some comfort, but we don’t. I have nothing wise to say. No good ideas to share.I just found this little song/poem and just like I’m offering it to you, I’ll offer it to the baby in hopes that it might make him feel a bit better.







One thought on “Why I Wish I Had a Photo of My Son’s Mother

  1. What a nice poem. My heart aches for you and your guy. Can you try to send a letter w pics via the social worker? We left the hospital and then didn’t hear from D for eight months. I think she needed space she also during that time went to jail and gained sobriety. I don’t have any good pics of J but I met him a few times. We have never heard from him since leaving the hospital.

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