Montessori Inspired Bedroom

Montessori-Room-No-MirrorAs we’re moving closer to finalizing the adoption I’ve started looking more and more into the future. I knew that if we were matched with a toddler or if we were matched with an infant that ended up finalizing I’d like to do a Montessori inspired bedroom.

In my mind I thought this bedroom would need:

  • A bed on the floor so the baby can roam around at will.
  • A safety mirror so baby can check himself out, but still be safe.
  • Art hung low to keep the room at the child’s perspective.
  • A few toys that can be rotated to keep child’s attention.
  • Child sized furniture including bed, bookshelves, table, chair, etc.
  • A gate at the door so the room can be a safe space and still allow the child to interact with the rest of the house as needed.


I didn’t give it enough thought but putting a ballet barre in front of the mirror is a stroke of genius!




Since my relatives have moved in, my kid doesn’t have a room anymore. Hopefully, they’ll have a found a place by the spring so I can move forward with my plans. I’m super excited at the idea of him moving around his space.

Does your kid(s) have a Montessori inspired bedroom or playroom? Please share any tips or great ideas in the comments below. Thanks!  =)


Wow! I just found this AMAZING post with tips for a Montessori inspired bedroom! I’m bookmarking it! A light switch extender …. who knew?!  =)


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