Can 1 Year Olds Snorkel?

Is this possible for a baby?

Is this possible for a baby?

Since we are going to Hawai’i I’ve been thinking about going snorkeling. The only other time I’ve done it was in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I’ve been looking at Hanauma Bay and wondering, “Can 1 year olds snorkel?”

When I looked on the internet I found this video and not much else about little kids (I think they are called toddlers) snorkeling. There was a blog post entitled, “My 2 year old can out-snorkel you” but it mostly talks about why they let their kid snorkel not so much the mechanics of when she started snorkeling and whatnot.

I went and bought a snorkeling mask, fins and breathing tube in hopes that if we use them now (in the tub and in the pool) he might feel comfortable enough to try them out in the ocean. Am I crazy? I guess so! Lol Most of the online advice about kids snorkeling centered around how most parents would not let their little kids even try to snorkel.  *blank stare*

Anyhoo … if anyone has taken their 1 year old out to snorkel, please shoot me a few tips. We already have our GoPro (with waterproof case) on deck! We’re ready for our close up ….  Lol



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