We’re Killing Our Boys

Dad-Son-Playing-AirplaneI just read this article and it made me really sad. It’s not that I learned anything new, it’s that it solidified what I already felt and proved that it was right. I really didn’t want to be right on this one. 5 Habits of Highly Compassionate Men says,

“Ted Zeff cites a study that found infant boys are more emotionally reactive than infant girls, but by the time a boy reaches five or six years old “he’s learned to repress every emotion except anger, because anger is the only emotion society tells a boy he is allowed to have.”

That means that boys are learning to repress their feelings …. which means that stress is not being released ….. which means that they are having health complications … which is killing them. The Heart MD Institute defines stress as:

Stress is a measure of your mental and physical resistance to circumstances beyond your control. Stressors are threats, demands, or changes to which you attach special, significant importance, and with which you may struggle or feel uncertainty.

Common stressors include the loss of a vital connection through death or the emotional longing for someone who is unavailable, especially a spouse or family members; financial distress; being overworked at your job, at home, or in your studies; caretaking; workplace and personal relationship struggles; divorce; and other fears of loss and inability to meet external demands.

So by helping boys learn compassion we are actually helping them have better relationships and stay healthier …. which leads to a longer, happier life.



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