Global Tooth Fairy Idea


The Tooth Fairy must have been by!

Someone just shared a great way to leave your kid some money for losing a tooth without making it all about the money … and .. turning it in to a geography/cultural competency experience! “How”, you ask?

Tooth-FairyThe next time a kid you know loses a tooth leave them a foreign coin under their pillow! That way you still get to leave them some money, but it won’t be all about how much money and when they can spend it.

You can also spend some time figuring out what country the Tooth Fairy was last in … hence the reason she still has coins left over from her last trip. How cool!

You’ll have tons of fun exploring a map of the world, talking about why the coins looks different from American coins and talking about how the Tooth Fairy does her job in other cultures.

In case you don’t have any spare change lying around the house, locate your closest credit union, AAA office or Travelex office.


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