Changing My Mind About His 1st Born Day Party

Cake-Born-Day-1I’ve been dreaming about the baby’s first born day party since we were placed …. okay …  since I thought about really having a baby in our family! Lol Anyhoo …

We went to his first social event today. It was our friend’s daughter’s first birthday party and it was beautiful! There was a decadent desert table. Everything was perfectly color coordinated. The baby wore an outfit that tied in perfectly to the color scheme. The cake? Amazing! Actually, there were two cakes. There was a two level cake with glitter in the fondant and there was a smaller cake for the baby to play with. The daughter took her “official” smash cake photos a few weeks ago. It was everything that I thought I wanted a born day party to be except …. the personalities at the party didn’t mesh. First-Birthday-Desert-Table

It’s not that they didn’t mesh well. It’s that they didn’t mesh … at all. Guests were from all walks of life. There were three areas that people could be in and people were segmented into all three areas. There were no games to get to know each other. There was no attempt by most people to speak to the other guests. Just because that happened at this party, doesn’t mean that it will happen at his party. Our Baby Welcoming was wonderful! Still ….

First-Birthday-Cake-Animals-Tri-Level-BlueOn the way home I mentioned it to Him and he casually said that he would prefer a small party with just the three of us. How sweet! Now I’m really thinking about getting a small cake and taking some photos and leaving it at that.

What do you think? What did you do to celebrate your little one’s first birthday?



2 thoughts on “Changing My Mind About His 1st Born Day Party

  1. We did a party with our friends. We had a smash cake and all that jazz. Baby girl was miserable though. Turns out it was her first (diagnosed) ear infection. Ironically today was her third birthday and it was just the three of us. We will do a small party next week w her friends from school.

  2. I’m not sure what to do at this point. He thinks that perhaps we should have two celebrations. We can have a smaller one with the three of us and a bit larger one with close family and friends.

    I’d like to make a Shutterfly book of his first year so I’d like some cute photos to cap off the book.

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