Social Worker #3 Touching Baby

Baby-TouchingWhile on the road we got a call saying that this person was the baby’s new social worker and that she’d arrive at our house at 2pm. Really?

#1 We weren’t in the city.

#2 Regular people have jobs so even if we were in the city, wouldn’t she have assumed that we’d be at work?

Anyhoo … I called her back and we decided that she’d come this morning at 8:30am. We got in at 9pm last night and were up early this morning straightening up for this new social worker.

The door bell range around 8:45am. We open the door to find … a different social worker. Apparently, our new social worker was busy and sent this other person to do her monthly visit. This is the baby’s third social worker (emergency – LOVED!, transitional – she was okay, finalization – still have to find out) and, as I understand it, this one should be his last one. I am really glad that this one is not his regular one. Ugh!

She persisted upon touching his face and mussing his hair …. grabbing his feet. It was so uncomfortable. I know that her job is to check on him, but it was so difficult for me not to snatch him back from her. Is this normal? What kind of touching does your social worker do when they visit?


2 thoughts on “Social Worker #3 Touching Baby

  1. Our social worker at the hospital never even stood close enough to me to have even shook hands (had I wanted to). Hated her- she was cold and turned off.

    Once we were home we had the same social worker and had only three visits prior to finalization since it was not foster care. Our first visit baby girl was sleeping and stayed in the snuggle on my chest but the other two she held her while we answered the visit questions. Nothing overly touchy just held her. Our social worker admitted her favorite part of her job was holding the babies. I think it was ok for us because we knew her prior to our placement and it was the same for all visits- she wasn’t a stranger.

    I think it’s fair next time (if the same one comes) to say that you prefer his face not to be touched – it is flu season after all.

    • I loved, loved, loved his first social worker! She was really nice and I’m still in touch with her. We’re going to invite her to his finalization. Our adoption worker is amazing! We’ve known her now for almost two years. When she comes she plays with him and holds him. It’s like having another aunt. His second social worker didn’t hold him or touch him once. She was okay, not warm but not cold. After this replacement social worker I’m wondering what his third social worker will be like. I thought that after TPR they’d transfer it over to adoptions and we’d just have to work with our adoption worker …. perhaps that hasn’t happened yet. =(

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