Michael K. Williams is Making Me Find Out My Ancestry

Now, obviously I don’t know Michael K. Williams (shout out, though! Dude was bananas in The Road!) so he isn’t really making me making me. It’s more that I saw this find out that his ancestors were Mende (from Sierra Leone) from using AfricanAncestry.com and I couldn’t look away.

This dude was really touched to find out that he was more than just “Black” he had a specific people …. he is Mende … along with a very close friend of his (another celebrity). I could only imagine how he must feel to know his history. I want that. Anyhoo … take a gander for yourself:


A bit about the Mende:

From the 16th through the 18th centuries, hundreds of thousands of Mendes were captured and transported to America as slaves. Regional warfare throughout the 19th century led to the capture and sale of many Mende-speakers into slavery. Most notable were those found aboard the Amistad in 1839. They eventually won their freedom and were repatriated.



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