Space, Trust, Time and Spare Parts: Letting Kids Be Kids

Kid-Smiling-GirlI don’t know if I’m a free-range parent, but I do believe in letting kids explore their world. I came across this article, “How schools ruined recess and four things needed to fix it” and I knew that I had to share it. It’s about how kids need time for free play and how one school has worked this need into a school setting. There are four basic things that make this model work:

Space – “He started allowing them to bring their scooters and bikes to recess as well. Children were allowed to climb the trees and the boundaries were extended.”

Trust – “By having the adults not take “center-stage,” children are more likely to come up with their own ideas and problem solve independently. Both are important life skills.”

Time – “Children need lengthier recess sessions in order to reap the full benefits from the play session. They need ample time to move their body, to explore, to tinker, to problem-solve, to work through their emotions, and to dive deep into their imaginations.”

Spare Parts – “The children use these items for hours on end, creating their own imaginary worlds. This allows the adults to step back and let the environment inspire the children to try new things.”

Read the whole article here.


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