Hawai’i With an Infant

We took the 11 month that’s in our care to Oahu a few weeks ago. It was interesting traveling around the island with the baby. I’m so glad that we took our babycarrier because we did a LOT of walking.

Lanikai Beach in Kailua. A small detour from going to the north shore from Waikiki.

Lanikai Beach in Kailua. A small detour from going to the north shore from Waikiki.

The first day we just headed to the hotel in Waikiki to relax. That next morning we hit the ground running. We visited the Plantation Village and then moseyed on over to the Pearl Harbor memorial.

2015 Oahu Pearl Harbor Memorial - faces after

After learning about what happened at Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor Memorial has a great museum and a film that made me tear up. The actual memorial that’s over a sunken ship wasn’t that great but I’d visit the free museum again. I had no idea why the attack on Pearl Harbor happened or how it happened.



2015 Oahu Vive Hotel Waikiki front

Hotel Vive Waikiki. We got a small room, but it worked for us. The location was great (only two short blocks from Waikiki Beach) but there were three challenges: the hotel didn’t provide cribs, parking was bananas (like $30 per day), and the breakfast was mostly fruit so the baby wasn’t getting full.

There were no resort fees, there was a bath tub (you’d be surprised how many hotels only have showers now) and the staff were really friendly. It’s a pretty hip hotel, so we didn’t see any other children, but everyone loved playing with him during breakfast.


Rental Car

2015 Oahu rental car

The hardest thing about being in Waikiki was the lack of free or cheap parking. We booked a small sedan that we hoped would have good mileage. We ended up with a Mustang. We spent lots of time looking for street parking and walking back to our hotel.

I thought it would be cool to drive a new Mustang, but it was more of a pain. Getting the baby in and out of that backseat was a mess. Thankfully, the island isn’t very large but the Mustang was not good on gas (big surprise). If I had it to do again, I would have asked for a different car or gone with a different company so I could have gotten the car that I actually reserved.


The Drive to the North Shore

Pali Lookout

Pali Lookout

On the drive, we saw a sign that said “Pali Lookout” so we decided to stop and see what it was. You pay $3 to park and then you walk a little way. You don’t know what you’ve paid for until you get to the stone balcony. This is the spot where King Kamehameha united the Hawai’ian islands by winning a battle with the chief of Oahu (his army pushed some folks off the cliff!). The view is amazing and it’s easy to imagine the battle raging right where you stand.

IMG_2015-03-05_10-05-37We also made a short detour to Lanikai Beach in Kailua. We got in the beautiful, but cold, water and took some great photos.

The water was quite clear and made me want to dive in and snorkel, but I was too chicken. Lol

The baby had a great time holding on to me while we jumped over the waves and splashed in the water. It was the only time we got in the water during the whole trip, but it was worth it. Afterwards we got a shave ice at Island Snow (average) and continued the drive up the coast to the north shore.

Our view from our room at Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hi.

Our view from our room at Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hi.

North Shore

Turtle Bay Resort. We got the cheapest room they had and it was AMAZING! The view was spectacular and the room was better than decent.

We really wanted to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center and try Matsumoto shave ice. We also stopped at the food trucks and got shrimp from Giovanni’s and Famous Shrimp to see which was better.Neither knocked our socks off.

Waikiki (again)

We headed back down to Waikiki but this time we stayed at the Trump Hotel. It’s more expensive but it’s certainly worth it. The service is great and the amenities are lovely.


Relaxing in the room at the Trump Hotel.


Relaxing in the pool.


Taking in the view from the pool area at the Trump hotel.

There is a lap pool on a high floor with these little bays that are AMAZING for babies to “swim” in. We spent most of the afternoon, lazing about in the little bay letting our baby crawl around and play in his pool floatie.


Our family celebrating our baby turning one year old in Waikiki, Oahu.

We really enjoyed taking our baby to Oahu for his first birthday. We look forward to returning.

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