Adoption Placement Paperwork Signing Scheduled

Parenting-After-AdoptionOur adoption worker just called to schedule our adoption placement paperwork next month! Whoo hoo!

After we sign and they get everything over to the courts, she said we’ll be able to finalize in about two weeks! It’s all so anti-climactic. You spend so much time filling out paperwork and walking on pins and needles to make sure everything is going well and then you get matched and then you have a kid in your house and it’s weird and then ….  it’s not …. and you kind of forget that this kid is still in foster care and then you get a call saying that this is it …  you’re going to officially …. formally … legally … be a family and it’s bananas!

It’s just a phone call.

A phone call …   that changes everything and nothing. We’ve been living together and loving each other for a year now so that doesn’t change … but …  it’s official and something does change. It’s so odd. It’s like a wedding day …  the joining of two families. It’s not the wedding that’s important it’s the marriage and I know that parenting this kid for the next 50 years will be scary … and amazing ….  and consuming ….  and enjoyable … and things I can’t even imagine right now …. but all I can focus on it that day … that actual day …  we will legally become a family.


4 thoughts on “Adoption Placement Paperwork Signing Scheduled

    • I know, right?!

      I heard so many horror stories that I wasn’t sure what to expect but this has been exactly what our adoption worker said it would be. I’m glad it went well so we didn’t get scared off! Lol

      I’m already planning to go on the list again. The next time probably won’t be so easy though … unless his mother has another kid and we are matched again. His mother seems pretty level headed.

  1. I remember being so nervous on our way to court to finalize. My hubby didn’t get it. I couldn’t explain it except it finally allowed me to know that m heart wouldn’t be hurt. It also was a definitive end for her birthfamily which made me sad. Congrats on the next step!!

    • YES! There is still a tiny part of me that feels like everything could fall apart. Having official paperwork saying that we’re settled will be so nice. =)

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