Inglewood, No Way, Wu-Tang and Ball. Things the Baby Says.

wu-tang-logoWe are in the phase where the baby has started repeating things. The only words he says regularly are: “dada”, “mama” and “baba” for bottle so it surprised me the other night when we were playing around saying a word for each letter of the alphabet and the baby started repeating us!

He is from the City of Champions, so you know he’d come up with “Inglewood” for I. The baby was listening and said, “Inglwooo”. We got excited and tried to get him to say more words, but he kept his mouth shut until He said, “No way, Jose” for N. The baby jumped right in and said, “No wuuuhhh”. Lol We kept it up but he didn’t make another sound until we said “Wu-Tang” for w. See the connection? He’s playing with the w sounds. He could see the connection. He was trying to practice that sound. How cool is that?

This morning he was watching his baby sign language video and the video said, “Ball”. As soon as the video said it, he repeated it! In a few months he’ll be toddling around the house talking up a storm. He already babbles all day, but perhaps we’ll understand what he’s talking about soon.




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