Questions About Cleaning Milk Teeth

toddlers_toothbrushing-e1333120534995Now that he is starting to get his milk teeth we need to start cleaning them.

When I started looking on the internet I found out that he needs to see a pediatric dentist asap, baby toothbrushes are complicated and we may or may not need to buy toothpaste with fluoride.

Clear as mud, right?

What did you do with your kid’s teeth? I’m freaking out over what kind of toothbrush to buy (skinny long handle with small head or easy-grip fat handle) and which toothpaste (fluoride or no fluoride ….  natural or regular) to purchase. I’m pretty sure that this decision won’t be life or death but as a new parent you want to do the best you can for your kid.

Sooooo  ….  any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “Questions About Cleaning Milk Teeth

  1. We do Toms no floride since we have floride in the water here. We have the crayola toothbrushes that she can hold. I brush first then she “brushes”. I took her to the dentist at 18 months against my better judgement since our pediatrician said we needed a dentist. It was a horrible experience all around. I now bring her w me to my appts at a family practice and the dentis lets her sit on my lap and watch and lay in the chair after and she just looks. The plan is when she is four she will have her first real appt unless something comes up before hand. My two cents in a nut shell is- if they are eating healthy food and not going to bed w a bottle of juice you are fine 🙂

    • I went and got the Tom’s without fluoride “Mild Berry” toddler training toothpaste today. We also got the toothbrush with the long handle and little head. I wanted to brush his teeth tonight, but after his bath I was too tired to do anything but get him in some jammies and finish folding laundry.

      I like your idea of us brushing and then him brushing. That’s how we finally got him to let us cut his fingernails.

    • Yay! I did it! I brushed mine first and told him what I was doing. I told him that I would do his next. Then I leaned in and …. got no resistance. He let me brush his two little teethies and rub the toothbrush around over his gums and tongue. Then I gave him the toothbrush and let him play with it for a few minutes. I hope he continues to be this easy. =)

  2. We don’t do fluoride for children under 2. We do not have fluoridated water, and I’m not against topical fluoride, so we do use fluoride toothpaste now.

    Ora-jel sells these little finger brushes that slip over your finger. They’re awesome!

    We do see a pediatric dentist. I’m not sure when J’s first visit was. C’s was an emergency visit because she almost knocked out her only tooth when she was 8 months old. We would not see a pediatric dentist who would not allow the parents back to the exam with the child. That is, we would only see a dentist if we could go back with the kids. Seems like common sense to me, but some ped dentists don’t allow parents.

    • That’s so weird. Why wouldn’t a parent stay with a child during a medical visit? Thanks for mentioning it. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to ask beforehand.

    • I haven’t worked myself up to doing it yet. He gets up at 4am and then goes back to sleep around 6am just to wake again around 10am. By that time I’m tired. At night, I just want him to sleep.

      Since you asked, I’m going to try in the morning. Really. For real.

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