First Dry Overnight Diaper

I’m not sure if I should be excited or not.

This morning when the baby woke up I went to put him on the pot (we do elimination communication) and I noticed that his diaper was dry. Like … completely dry. His last diaper change was about 8:30pm when we put him to bed the night before. Hmmmm …

Originally I was happy because I thought that he was able to hold it all night and be ready to go in the morning but then I saw how dark his urine was and I started to worry. This morning he drank two full 8 oz bottles of water back-to-back.

I’m glad that he’s listening to his body but I’m also wondering what’s going on with his body. He doesn’t seem to have any pain, but the dry overnight diaper coupled with the dark urine makes me worried.

What do you think?


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