Journaling With Parents Helps Deal With Tough Topics

JournalI just read about a parent giving their kids journals and letting the kids write whatever they want in them. The goal is to give the kids a place where they can talk about tough topics without the embarrassment of face-to-face discussion. I love this idea.

We have “Mommy and Me” journals. I started this when Tayla (9) was about 7, and Ticia was around 5. Each of my girls have their own journal and they are able to write down anything at all in them that they may feel uncomfortable discussing face to face. They leave the journal on my bed and I write back. So far, the main topics have been friendships, fights with one another and feeling sad or unloved by someone. My hope, is that by starting this early, they will be more inclined to come to me with more serious issues later.

I don’t know if our kid will take to this, but I’ll definitely be providing him with a journal just in case. Earlier this year I wrote about these cute journals, but these seem more like sharing journals. This journal seems more like a way for kids to talk about important things.

Anyhoo …  I thought I’d share the idea here in case anyone else likes the idea.


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