Signed Adoption Placement Agreement Today!

Adoption Placement AgreementWe have taken the last step towards finalizing our adoption from foster care: we signed the adoption placement agreement! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was like buying a house. There was tons of paperwork and lots of signatures needed.

There weren’t any bad surprises but there was one good one: his last social worker was able to get a TON of family history. It was weird reading through the history of people that we haven’t met but it’s good information to know.

We let the baby play with the toys and crawl around the room. At the end we took some photos. We left with a ton of copies (we each got a set) and big smiles. We don’t have our finalization date yet but that was the last hurdle. As I understand it, our adoption worker will take all of the paperwork to court and ask to get our case put on the docket. The court will give her a date. We’ll show up and talk with the judge, sign more papers and snap some photos.

The adoption worker said that we’re probably looking at late June/early July. We’ll be cutting it close for his passport, but we’re going to make it work.

*feeling good*



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