Zulu Shield for Toddler

zulu-the-most-fearsome-black-warriors-2This morning I got an email from Fisher-Price suggesting that I check out their 70% off toys. Scrolling through the toys, I came across a cute little knight’s shield and sword. How cute! I was all set to buy it when I realized that he should be playing with things from his people. In August we’re heading to South Africa, home of the Zulu people, and I would guess that someone sells little toy shields (perhaps a small Umbumbuluzo or Ihubelo) and little Assegai spear and/or club.

Sometimes you don’t notice how much of the world is skewed toward Europe and the European ideal. I have been thinking about doing one of those African nncestry DNA tests to find out what cultures each of us is from. Then we could plan trips to those countries to get a better idea of our ancestry. For the time being, I’ll get the baby a few items from any historically Black countries that we visit and hope that being part of the diaspora will be good enough ….  for now.


2 thoughts on “Zulu Shield for Toddler

  1. I have been interested in the DNA tests as well. I have mixed feelings sometimes I just want to do it and other days I feel like I should wait until she is older and seeking more information. If you do it please post about your experience!!

    • I’d love to do it, but the cost is a bit prohibitive. $200 for the maternal line and $300 for the paternal line! Eek! I’ll have to wait until it shows up on Groupon! Lol

      What are you worried about? Wouldn’t it be nice to know so she can know about her heritage growing up?

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