Passport for Recently Adopted Todder Pt. 1

Passport-Toddler-BlogToday we submitted the application for the baby (is he a toddler now? He’s cruising, not quite toddling yet) to get a passport at our local library. We finalized Friday and my plan was to go directly from the court house to the passport office. Apparently, most passport offices require an appointment.

I tried to make an appointment and ended up playing a game of tag. After doing some research, I found out that my local library processes passport applications AND they don’t require an appointment. Score!

We showed up with a completed passport application, a money order for $80 (made out to the Dept. of State), a money order for $25 (made out to the library), the baby’s original birth certificate, our adoption order, both parents (that’s us now) and our state-issued identification. The baby doesn’t have a social security number yet, so the application said to write in, “000-00-0000”.

The passport agent accepted the application, but I’m still worried. Officially it takes 4-6 weeks for our application to be processed but the guy said it might be as early as 3 weeks. We shall see ….


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