First Time He Decided to Use the Pot

Adventures-in-the-Elemination-CommunicationI always hear about kids not wanting to sit on the pot. This kid has been using it since he was two months old (we’re working on elimination communication) and now he seems to think it’s a chair! Lol

I put him on the pot every morning and when he wakes up from naps. This morning, I went to take him off and he was like, “Noooo”. He wanted to finish watching his videos while sitting on it! Lol I put him back on it and a few minutes later I noticed that he was pooping. After a few minutes I asked him if he was done and he seemed okay with me taking him off. Sure enough, there was poop!

This was the first time I felt like he chose to use the pot. As a baby, we’re just doing stuff to him and I’m never really sure if he cares one way or the other. Today was proof that he’s growing and up and understands the function of the pot. Whoo hoo!


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