Pride Weekend Los Angeles for Families

LA Pride weekend is upon us! For those of us with kids it probably has morphed from a wild, sweaty, dance all weekend, sleeping on the floor, french fries for breakfast type of thing into a more subdued, yes I want to party but it can’t be too loud or last too long because the baby will need a nap soon type of thing. For those of us in the latter boat, I found two parties that may be a great fit.



Soulnic describes itself  “a free, family-oriented dance music festival with DJs showcasing Soulful House, Deep Disco, Classic Soul and the like. This is a one-of-a-kind cultural event in Los Angeles that has been widely accepted by the community, attracting attendees of all ages and backgrounds.”

Another way to say that is, it’s a kid-friendly dance party where families can enjoy everything from EDM and house music to deep disco and classic soul in a gorgeous outdoor setting. There’s also arts, crafts, face painting and, of course, plenty of food. Sounds great right?  The party is at Griffith Park Saturday, June 13th from 10am to 9pm. #SOULNIC #SOULNICLA

Pride-BBQIf Pride is like a family reunion, then of course there is a cookout! Come on out to the The Annual Family Pride Cookout & BBQ. Redtri says, “Ditch the masses at the big parade, grab your blanket and come ready for a terrific afternoon with lots of LGBTQ families. Hamburgers and hot-dogs (including the veggie variety), snacks and drinks will be served. Your kids will love the crafts, family games, raffle and more. There’s also an infant play area if some of your brood isn’t yet walking.”

The free cookout is at Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood from 12pm – 3pm.

Happy Gay Pride Weekend!



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