Only Milk in One Day and Off The Bottle in Two

Toddler-Drinking-CupI just read that instead of babies transitioning from bottles to sippy cups, babies should go directly from bottles to using regular cups or training cups. Who knew?!

We thought that we’d try to transition the baby so he’d be able to use cups by the time we leave for South Africa and guess what? He’s already accomplished two things: he’s stopped drinking formula and he’s stopped taking a bottle. Whoo hoo!

He IS spilling liquid all over himself, but he’s able to drink. Now, we’re just working on controlling the cup.


2 thoughts on “Only Milk in One Day and Off The Bottle in Two

  1. Yeah for no sippy cup! So I’m an OT and kinda passionate about cups. So if you want cups w lids I like: that or a cup w a straw.

    If he is struggling w regulating how much he gets I love using shot glasses. It looks strange but it helps for a few reasons- it’s small so it’s easy for them to hold, it doesn’t have as much liquid for them to loose and it has a good weight to it to help them drink slower.

    I’m excited to hear your passport adventure (though I’m hoping it goes as smooth as it has so far!!)

    • Shot glasses?! What an interesting idea! I’ll have to give it a try. They sell shot glasses at the thrift store, right?

      The cups you posted look like they are at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Thank you! =)

      They said that the passport should be here in three or four weeks so hopefully we’ll know in early July. Also, I looked online and saw that we can visit Toronto with his birth certificate so we’re going to see Niagra Falls this summer. *crossing fingers that everything continues smoothly* =)

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