The Passport Arrived!

Passport-Arrived.fwHis passport arrived! Whoo hoo!

Making sure that we get had in passport in time to visit South Africa has been giving me palpitations over the last few months! Lol I have been doing research, and finding conflicting information, so I wasn’t sure if they would accept his application with the paperwork that we had available.

I was worried about what day we’d finalize the adoption. I was worried about when and how we’d be able to apply for his passport (our closest Post Office wouldn’t return my calls). I was worried about if they would accept the documentation that we had. Well, I guess none of it mattered.


We finalized our adoption Friday, May 29th.

We applied for the passport Wednesday, June 3rd. We submitted his original birth certificate (they say it’ll take at least 3 months for his amended one to arrive), the Adoption Decree and two photos taken at AAA (getting the guy to take the photos was a hassle, but they came out just fine).

His passport arrived June 19th.

I guess I was worried for nothing!  =)  #InternationalBaby


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