Toddler Activity Set for Flights

We’re going to be doing lots of traveling this year and I’ve been looking up things for out toddler to do on the plane. We don’t check bags so I need things that are cheap or free, light weight, small, entertaining and non-destructive (no stickers). So far I’ve found:

Felt drawing

I love this idea. I have purchased some felt drawing kits, but they are much too large to take on a flight. Cutting out a few shapes and folding it up into a bag is perfect! I can’t wait to make a few.

The name puzzle? LOVE IT! I’m totally making this one for him.



Simple, cheap and small! YES! I’m thinking about making mine in a small book format. The small, store-bought puzzles are right up my alley and perfect for tiny hands.


Building Toys

I have so many Popsicle sticks! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to find this cute, light weight homemade toy. I can color and glue the velcro on in an afternoon. How fun!



Cotton Balls/Pom-Poms

A toddler can throw these around (not very far) or “pour” them from one cup to another cup or …. something. Toddlers can make anything interesting! Lol




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