Going Again

Long time, no type.


Time for adoption #2.

Since we finalized last May life has been full of work, travel and the baby blossoming into a toddler. He took his first steps in South Africa. He ate Mexican food in Brazil. He learned to use the toilet … and then promptly decided that he hated it. Lol He sings, “quack, quack” on Six Little Ducks and he’s taking his first Kinder Karate class in April. I guess there’s nothing left to do except send in the paperwork for adoption number two!

We gave our adoption worker a call Tuesday. The new application arrived Saturday. We have to fill it out, hand over our 2015 taxes and visit the doctor. That doesn’t seem like much but we have to do a TB test and cholesterol test. Not a big deal but if I’d known that I would have called for the application sooner. The TB test has to be read two days after you take it and the cholesterol results don’t come back for three to four days. We’re in Las Vegas now and leave for southeast Asia next week. Ugh.

I remember when our adoption worker asked us what a typical day was like at our house. We both looked at each other and laughed. There is no typical day. Lol We’d like to be matched with a little girl this time and we’d like to be matched in April or May. Now, we can’t even turn in the completed application until April. I guess things will turn out a little differently than we’d hoped. Anyhoo …. wish us luck!




4 thoughts on “Going Again

  1. Wow, congrats on the soon-to-be-in-progress-next-adoption! Glad to hear everything’s been going well with you & your family.

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