Visit With the Doctor

doctor-visit-272x300Today, we went to the doctor to get our physicals. Before we left there was a hassle about getting the appointments so we scheduled them a MONTH out. We show up today and ….  the phlebotomist wasn’t there! Ugh!

We are supposed to get a physical (height, weight, blood pressure, urine), a tb test and some blood drawn to check our cholesterol levels. We couldn’t get the blood drawn so I’m gonna send it in anyway and if they ask for it I’ll go back and try to schedule it … again. These people are killing me!

I’m trying to keep in mind that last time I was losing my mind over timing and it all came together beautifully. I’m hoping that the social worker accepts the medical and we move forward.

I was standing in the kitchen today watching my toddler play (and talk! OMG!) when I realized that we could be holding a new baby in our arms in a few weeks. Wow! Parenting this child is amazing (and tiring and frustrating and … ) and has really made me want to parent another child. Watching him start to understand things and now starting to use language (he says short sentences!) fills my heart with joy.

We have a short window (we need by be matched by June or we’ll have to wait until next year) of time and that makes me really anxious. I with this all could have been taken care of sooner.  *stomps foot*


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