Last of the paperwork is in


I emailed the last of the paperwork over to our adoption worker yesterday.

This morning I woke up and started thinking about what we were gonna do this summer. We rarely work in the spring and summer and that means that there are a whole lot of boring days. We like to inject some fun into those days by visiting places near and far. This year might be  little different though.

If we are matched with a newborn, I’m not sure what our days will look like. With the last baby we could lie and in bed all day and cuddle. We could pass out when we got too tired. This time, we’ll have a toddler in the house. Eek! Toddlers want three meals a day PLUS snacks. A toddler wants to play and run and sing. I don’t think a toddler will care one whit about the baby sleeping. Lol


If we aren’t matched, this will be the first year that we’ll have to buy a ticket for the kidlet. He turned two and doesn’t qualify for many free things any more. Either way, we’re venturing into a brave new world. Lol



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