Make Your Own Board Book for Toddlers

Adoption-Triad-SymbolI have really been wanting to make a board book about our toddler’s adoption. He’s so small that I think a nice thick board book will be a good idea. I wasn’t really sure how to go about that so I went to the internet. Aha!

There are several options:

Upload Photos

Pint Sized Productions


Buy a Kit

Blank Slate Board Book on



Buy an old board book from the thrift store, print your photos and Modge Podge it!


It’s important to share your child’s adoption story waaaaaay before they are able to understand it. The goal is to create a situation where your child always knew they were adopted. One of the challenges is that I have no photos of his parents. Would stick figures work? I wish I could draw ….

Anyhoo … this project is on my summer To Do list.



2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Board Book for Toddlers

  1. We have the same situation w baby2. I plan to include pictures of all the people that cared for her between when she was born and when we met her. I plan to include lots of baby pictures on the page that discusses the day she was born.

    One thing phrase I included in my first daughters book was that her birth parents “could not care for any baby” at the time of placement. I think it’s important for adopted kids know that it’s not because of something they did.

    • I read an article about the difference between “could not care for you” and “could not care for any baby” a while ago. It really explained the difference between those two phrases and how important it is to make sure your child knows that it had NOTHING to do with them as an individual.

      As he’s getting older we need to talk about it more. I talk about his parents sometimes but it would be nice to have a book he could look at. I wish I had photos of them.

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