Waiting on Background Checks

Our adoption worker sent me an email. She said that we’re waiting on the background checks to be able to schedule our update interview.

I love, love, love our adoption worker! I was so nervous last time and working with her really made me feel comfortable. I hope it’s the same way this time. I know that legally the baby is ours now but …  any time you have a social worker in your house it’s a bit nerve wracking. I feel like she’s gonna be like, “Why is the baby eating corn? I’m filing a report. No new baby for  you.” I know that sounds crazy but it’s a crazy world. Lol


4 thoughts on “Waiting on Background Checks

  1. I’m not sure when we will start the process again but I’m sure I’ll feel the same anxiety. Anytime someone is in a position to determine your future is nerve-wracking. Good luck with the process.

    • Thank you. I was talking with my partner about if two is our limit and he said that he doesn’t have a limit. Perhaps we should look for a sibling pair … just writing that …. whoo …. I just scared myself a little bit. Lol

      • I’ve suggested a sibling pair also but had some thoughts about wherever those would make Nana feel left out when they got older.

  2. For me, there’s the issue of our current toddler being overwhelmed by the new kids and the issue of us being overwhelmed. Lol One is a handful. Two makes me sweat. Three?? Three … I’m not sure I even wanna think about it! LOL

    Then I read about how many kids are still in foster homes and how many are struggling to be adopted because they are in a sibling set and I waiver …..

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