Dialing 911 on Cell Not Easy for Toddlers


Could your toddler dial 911 from your cell phone?

I have been debating whether to get a landline or not and I came across this article while researching. Many people will say that since they have a cell phone they don’t need a home phone. Hmmmm ….   I’m not so sure.

One of the things this article points out is that it’s difficult for a toddler to find a cell phone let alone make a call with one (turn it on, get through the lockscreen, find the dialpad, etc.). I hadn’t considered any of this. I’m glad I read the article. I’m leaning towards getting a landline that has a phone that doesn’t use electricity (old school!) for the house.

Do you have a landline? Why or why not?



3 thoughts on “Dialing 911 on Cell Not Easy for Toddlers

  1. We got an ooma for Christmas last year. We made the decision after I had misplaced my phone w low battery. I was phone less until my husband came home after his shift. He often works evening and nights so knocking on a neighbor door might not help. Had an emergency happen I could have hit the panic alarm on our alarm system (the police would have come and then they could have called out the emt) but it made me realize that having a phone that has a place was important. It’s $4.00 a month after set up and it’s primarily used to find my misplaced phone (it’s a bad habit) but also gives me piece of mind.

      • http://www.ooma.com/

        I was skeptical before trying it. My only “problem” was when we first signed up we got a trial of the premium package. I forgot to cancel the premium package before we started getting charged for it. I made an email complaint and the charge was reversed. I got a box for us and my inlaws. Only downside is no phone if the power is out

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