First Time I Know He Understands


Look how big he is now! My little toddler. =)


Our little one has been home from vacation for two for two weeks now and he is growing physically and mentally. This kid. This morning, we took him to the park with one of those play structures. He kicked a soccer ball over the play structure then pulled himself up on the stairs without assistance. He turned around in circles a few times and then decided to go down a slide …  by himself. He squealed with delight and then went over to the stairs to start the cycle again. He got on the swings, both the kiddie swing and the regular swing. I was over the moon at how much he was able to accomplish by himself ….   until we got home.




After being home for a few hours, he decided that he’d like some milk. What does he do?

#1 He signs that he’d like some milk.

#2 When I tell him I have to go downstairs to get it, he walks over to the stairs and starts going down.

#3 When I tell him about pouring the milk into the cup he listened and waited patiently.

#4 After I poured the milk I was screwing the top on the water bottle and he said, “Thank you” clear as day!

He totally got it!

Just when I thought that the day couldn’t get any better, he told me that he had to poop (he signed and said, “Poop”) so I took him to the toilet. After sitting and singing for a good little bit he urinated! He hasn’t been using the toilet since we left on our two month summer adventure (so much for all the work of elimination communication) so I was pretty surprised. After doing our happy dance he washed his hands and went in his room to play with his toys.

For all the days he drives me crazy throwing his toys down the stairs and being fussy, today was the day you live for as a parent. It’s the day you know that he IS paying attention and everything is gonna work out.

I’m feeling over the moon with happiness!




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