Update Interviews for Adoption #2



Hurry up and wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, gooooooooooo!

Ah, adoption.

We sent in our paperwork for adoption #2 the first week in April. Our adoption worker said that she had to get our background checks done again and then we could schedule our interviews (we have to do separate and together) to complete our case file.

It’s been about a month.

I emailed her yesterday to check in and she basically said that when she got them, she’d contact us.

Guess who gave me a call bright and early this morning (it was around 8am)? Yeppers, our adoption worker. We’ve been waiting for a month and guess when our interviews are scheduled for? Friday. Today is Wednesday and we’re interviewing Friday.

She said that we needed to update our waiting family profile, do our interviews and she’d “work on” our file next week. Hopefully, we should be back on the list by the end of the money. We are cutting it close!

Our work schedule is CRAZY between late August and February. That’s why we usually reward ourselves with a trip in March. April – June is pretty slow. July and August are dead. Our hope was to be matched around April so we’d all have some time to settle in and get to know each other before the craziness begins. I would hate to have a new baby in the house in July and then start work up (we travel a lot) at the end of August.

Here’s hoping that we’re matched with a baby girl soon.


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