Naked & Afraid Parenting Lessons

Kim-Kelly-Naked-and-Afraid-Crotch-WaterThis morning Naked & Afraid is doing a Mother’s Day marathon. I just watched Kim Kelly be a total badass! Her partner belittled her and then promptly dropped out after 4 days. She was left alone in a jungle for 17 days and she kicked ass!

She built a fire, she found coconuts, she caught and killed and alligator, she created a shelter, and she caught a piglet that she let loose because she already had so much meat from the alligator. She cried, she drank “crotch water” (coconut juice that spilled in her lap) and she rubbed her body with urine and soot … and she rocked it! What I learned from her adventure:

  1. Crying doesn’t mean you can’t be badass.
  2. Regardless how upset/worried you are, you have to get it done.
  3. Have faith in your strengths and abilities.
  4. Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

That was just the message I needed to hear going into these toddler years! Lol

Happy Mother’s Day y’all!



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