Adopting Black Kids from Foster Care


There may be some Black families out there that are considering adopting a Black child. Let me steer you toward adopting from foster care. There are lots of Black kids in foster care that need stable, loving homes. Yes, some are older but some are just babies. They ALL need stable, loving homes. Here are a few things that you might not know about adopting Black kids from foster care:

  • Many families don’t want Black kids. Many families don’t want boys. If you’re a Black boy you’re really out of luck.
  • Private, domestic adoptions are sometimes getting the same babies as foster care. If children have been removed from the home before, sometimes a family will say, “Let’s go the private route so we get our expenses paid for instead of child welfare taking the baby and we get nothing”.
  • You don’t have to own your home to foster or adopt.
  • You do need to have a bedroom and an appropriate crib/bed for said baby/child.
  • Newborns are available. We picked up our baby from the hospital. He was healthy and adorable!
  • You may have to take some foster/adopting classes. They show you what types of experiences the child may have experienced and what things you might experience while living with that child. They also explain how the program works and what you can expect legally.
  • Children of color are so difficult to place (through no fault of their own) that many counties will provide a financial stipend until the child is 18 (even after the adoption is finalized) to homes that care for them.
  • Dogs aren’t bad. We have a pit bull mix and we’ve adopted one and are on to adoption another. Our adoption worker likes Edgar and plays with him at visits.
  • Social workers are really nice. I wasn’t prepared for how nice all the social workers would be. I kind of expected the baby-snatcher with an axe to grind but that wasn’t the case. First off, social workers that work in adoptions are a whole separate group. They get to see kids go to good homes and I think it makes them happier. Secondly, they are rooting for you because matching a child with a stable, loving home is the goal. They are NOT there to tear you down or look for tiny things to get rid of you.


We need Black parents to adopt Black children.




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