Update Interview for Adoption #2

Our adoption worker came over and we went through the normal adoption questions until we got to ethnicity. She asked what we wanted. I originally wanted:

Gender: Girl

Desire: Black & Latinx

Open to: Black

Don’t want: Caucasian

Which is fine. That’s about what we asked for the last time. After she wrote down the notes, she mentioned that they don’t have enough homes for Black children, especially boys. After that, we told her that we’d take ANY Black child in our age range that needed a home.

Traditionally, Black families adopt kin. We take in our sister’s or brother’s children. We take in our grandkids. We take in a kid that’s already like family anyway. I love that about us but I’d also like more Black families to adopt from strangers from foster care.

In the Black community we like to say that it takes a village to raise a child. I need us to step up and be that village. ALL of our kids need stable, loving homes. I’d rather see a kid in any home rather than no home BUT I’d love to see more Black families (with TWO Black parents) adopting Black children from foster care.



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