How Much Say Should Grandparents Have in Adoption?

I just read this story about a couple adopting a baby from a little girl (she was 14) in Louisiana and it made me terribly sad. I think we can all agree that plotting to separate a parent and a kid in foul so I won’t even mention how this couple chose to look only in the states with the most ridiculous adoption laws (2 days, really?) and bought the family a $4,000 trailer home and a $2,500 truck. Instead, I’d like to talk about the grandmother.

In the article, it says:

“Most of our dealings were done through Stephanie — we spoke to Deana occasionally but she was quiet and didn’t say much. “We want to give up the baby for adoption,” Stephanie assured us over the phone several times. “Deana just can’t be raising a baby at this point.”

It seemed like it was all about getting the baby, “What should have taken 20 minutes of signing paperwork turned into a nail-biting 2½ hours — but they signed.” It seems like the family should get at least a week to decide if they really want to place the baby. It also seems like the grandmother was making the decisions for the mother.

Thankfully, it seems like they have an open adoption. The mother is 18 now and graduating from high school. I wonder how she feels about it though. She hid it from her parents for the first seven months. Was she worried about something like this happening? How much control do you think grandparents should have in situations where the mother is a minor?


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