Texas Rangers Killed Mexicans for Land


The “news” that people in charge murdered people with little legal recourse in order to steal their land and grow their pockets isn’t really news, except when the headline includes the Texas Rangers.

I went to grad school in Texas and the Texas Rangers are a BIG DEAL in Texas. When I came across this article I was surprised (that they’d mentioned it) and not surprised (that it happened). The article on POCHO explains it best:

The exhibit at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, Life and Death on the Border 1910-1920 is making news because it’s allegedly the first time the state has admitted in public that the Texas Rangers methodically, officially, killed Mexicans.

White people always want to know why “Hispanic history”, “Black history”, “Native American history” and “Asian history” have to be included in American history as if all of these groups aren’t part of America. As the landscape of America changes more and more of American history is going to be available to the masses. *grabs popcorn*



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