DIY No Sew Chef’s Hat for Toddler


Since I’m all worked up about the possibility of adding a little one to our family o three, I decided that we’d better get busy and practice making a Welcome Home cake. Then I thought, “I may as well invite the toddler to lend me a hand”. If he was gonna help, he’d need a proper uniform. This is the tutorial for how to make a diy no sew chef’s hat for your toddler.


One laptop

One printer

One sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper

One sheet of scrapbooking paper

One bottle of glue

Two sheets of gift wrapping paper



If you don’t want words on your hat, skip this step.

The first thing I did was decide that I wanted to put words on the hat. I hadn’t seen one like it but I liked the idea of adding “Big Brother” to the brim. I opened Fireworks and got the sizing and font that I liked and saved it. Then I opened up Word and added the image to the blank page. I turned it sideways to make sure that it would go across the longest edge.


I just cut off the edge of the paper and glued it to the scrapbooking paper.

I actually think I made it a big too big. I’d probably make it smaller if I was to do it again. Anyhoo …

Once the words were attached to the scrapbooking paper, I cut the scarpbooking paper to give me a strip. Then I cut another strip and glued it to the first strip to give me one long strip. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Step 2

Take your two sheets of gift wrapping paper (the kind you put inside the gift) and fold them accordion style, together. This will make the puffy, top of the hat.


I trimmed mine about 2 inches because it was too high and looked a bit strange.

It seemed a bit high as I have a small toddler, so I trimmed the paper about 2 inches.My partner liked it tall and thought I was a little bit crazy . Lol

Step 3

Now that you’re long strip (the brim) is dry, flip the long strip over and get ready to glue the accordion gift wrapping paper to the edge.


I started out gluing very methodically ….


 .. and ended up just lying a line and sticking it on. Lol


Step 4

Once you have one edge of the gift wrapping paper glued on the long strip, you need to fold the gift wrapping in half (do not crease …  unless that’s the look you’re going for) to get the other side glued to the other half of the long strip.


A diy no sew chef’s hat for your toddler!

Once it’s glued to both sides, you’ll have a hat with two open sides. You can wrangle the sides closed if you like but it wasn’t noticeable so I didn’t worry about it.

There you have it, a no sew, DIY paper chef’s hat for a toddler.



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