Gener Reveal Adoption Photo Shoot

This whole time we’ve been low-key expecting a girl but after our adoption worker mentioned that there are not enough Black homes for Black kids, we said we were open to any Black kid in our age range. That means that we might end up with another boy.

Wait …. does this mean we get to do a gender reveal photo shoot?! Eek!

I’m not really hung up on gender so I’m thinking something neutral like this:


Of course I’ll actually make a cake (I stole these photos from the internet) and pose for some cute photos with the current fam but …. what do you think? Perhaps a photo with all of us making the cake, then the cake, then the cake cut open, and in the last frame a photo of the new fam?

Don’t judge me, this is only my first idea! Lol

If you know of cute gender reveal photo shoots, drop the link in the comments. Last time I didn’t even realize our home study was complete before we had a baby in our arms so I’m trying to be proactive this time around!



4 thoughts on “Gener Reveal Adoption Photo Shoot

  1. eeek….that cake looks so untasty though… Does it have to be a gender reveal. What about just a addition to your family reveal with either shoes or clothes.

    • I made one as a practice cake and I really liked it. I do see addition to the family ones with little shoes. that could be cute.

  2. Yellow is gender neutral! We started waiting for #2 when the Royals were on “baby watch.” We took pictures at our fence with me holding binoculars that said “our last name baby watch.” Baby girl wore a shirt that said “waiting for my promotion to big sister.”

    No matter what you do it will be special to you!

    • That’s a cute idea! I like the baby watch concept and it really is appropriate for adoption! I might have to steal that. Thanks! =)

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