I Carry Her All the Way to Freedom


Moses wrapping his daughter, Boo from the show Underground.

I know you’ve been watching Underground but I’m not sure if you understood what a huge moment it was when Moses fashioned a baby carrier out of material, threw Boo in it to show Pearly Mae, and said, “I carry her all the way to freedom if I have to”. Very rarely in big or small screens do we see Black men showing such tenderness toward their children.

Underground-Preacher-FamilyYou know how much I’m into babywearing. This scene made my test tight. Here was a Black man saying that he would not leave without his wife and child. He would carry his baby (she had to be around 7 years old) more than 600 miles if he had to. In my neighborhood, I see Black men at the park with their kids, at the grocery store with their kids, and everywhere else they could be ….  with their kids. Research studies have proven that Black fathers are more involved than other ethnicities in the day-to-day lives of their children. I rarely see it on tv or movies though.

Good job, Underground. Good job.



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