Toddler Takes the Bounce House


Today we went to a friend’s baby shower and ….  our toddler took on the bounce house …. and won!

A little background:

We’ve been to several parties now where bounce houses have been present. When the baby  was younger, he’d just look. When he got a little older, he would stare. When we asked him if he wanted to get in, he would look away. I’m not sure if the actual bounce house scared him or the large children jumping with abandon did it. Either way, he did not want to get in the bounce house ….  until today.

We arrived at the party at 3pm on the nose and there was only one younger child inside. We put him in there and he just sat. He climbed in and the toddler sat near him. The other baby looked on. Eventually the toddler warmed up and started jumping. Then he started running. Before I knew it he was laughing and having a great time. Then some big kids came.

Part of me wanted to take him out, but I’m trying to let him lead and not put my fears on him. There were three big kids and two little kids. The big kids began jumping and yelling. One baby left the bounce house ….  but it wasn’t my baby. He sat for a minute to take in the new situation and then jumped into the fray! He jumped and ran and giggled and had a great time!

I was proud of me for letting him experience things on his own. I was proud of him for taking a moment to take it all in before acting. I was proud of him for being willing to play with kids three or four times his size. I was proud of him for playing until he didn’t want to play anymore and not becoming visibly upset when it was time to go. He’d spent almost two hours enjoying the bounce house and it was beautiful to see.




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