Toddler Can Count!


We found out that the toddler could count while we were in Cambodia in March. We even got a video while visiting the temples in Siem Reap. I thought that was pretty impressive for someone that wasn’t even two years old. Well, that was nothing compared to what happened this morning!

He’s been counting for a while now. He also can recite the colors when we read his flip-down book about colors. He just turned two so that’s about what we expected. Today, I found out that he can count backwards! Whoo hoo!

He was reading one his numbers books. We got to ten. I thought that he was done. I was about to move the book, when he turned the page in the other direction. I waited to see what he would do, and he said “nine”. Hmmm ….  he turned the page again and said “eight”. He did it all the way back down to one. He’s been watching those Busy Beavers counting videos and I think that’s what did it. We never count backwards with him because ….  why would we? Lol He’s picking that stuff up from somewhere ….  and I think it’s those learning videos. Yay!




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