Toddler Shows His Colors in Pool


Our toddler knows his colors!

Today we went to the grand’s house to celebrate Nick Gabaldon Day (Nicolás Rolando Gabaldón (1927-1951), the first Black and Mexican surfer onthe west coast). The grands bought a blow-up pool with all kinds of neat play areas including 6 single-colored balls. Our toddler has been “reading” his colors book for a week now but I wasn’t sure if he really knew it or if he had just memorized the words from having heard it so many times.

Today, he showed us that he really knew the colors. When playing with the balls, he would say the colors out loud. I started asking him to hand me certain balls and he could do it! He would grab the correct ball, bring it over, and say the color of the ball as he handed it to me. I know I’m excited over something most people can do, but I’m his mother and I’m allowed to be geeked about his every movement. lol

He’s only 26 months old and he can can count from 1 to 10, he can count from 10 to one, he knows six colors, and he can sing about 40% of the alphabet! This unschooling thing is amazing.


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